| $150/Week | Expired:35-12-30
Expires: 35-12-30
Position 1 - $110/Week

Expires: 35-12-30
Position 2 - $110/Week

Expires: 18-12-30
Position 4 - $110/Week

Expires: 18-12-30
Position 6 - $110/Week

Expires: 18-12-30
Position 8 - $110/Week

Expires: 18-12-30
Position 10 - $110/Week

Expires: 18-12-30
Position 13 - $110/Week

Expires: 18-12-30
Position 14 - $110/Week

Expires: 18-12-30
Position 15 - $110/Week

Expires: 18-12-30
Position 16 - $110/Week

Expires: 18-12-30
Position 18 - $110/Week

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Added: Dec 27th, 2017
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Plans: 0.6-2% Daily

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Min Deposit: $$10
Max Deposit: $No Limit
Referral: 7-5-3%%
Withdrawal: Manual
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 Program Description 
We invest in perspective and innovative projects since 2012. We perform in-depth analysis of every new project and scrupulously evaluate any possible risks. Before making any investment we assess minimum and maximum profit expectations. Our team consists of financial professionals with long-term experience in financial institutions around the world. The future belongs to new projects. We invest in the development of different sectors: industry, medicine, robotics and tourism. Results of absolutely ambitios ideas of cotemporary innovators become real with our help. All that things we see in sci-fi movies are put into practice from year to year. Invest in life - is the slogan of our company. Each of you can become an investor and help us in achieving the objectives. By investing in our company you deposit funds on aggregate investment account which is designed to make investments in different sectors. After we invest in any project our company starts gaining earnings which are then distributed as your deposits' profits. Due to long-term financial experience the volume of our operations is so large that we are able to perform paybacks on business day basis without any delays. Our head office is located in Austria. We also have branches in financially favourable countries of the world such as Poland, China and Thailand.